VicTsing Virtual Reality Goggles

Delve into the world of Virtual Reality while also looking ridiculous. These VR goggles allow you to strap your smartphone to your face in order to fully experience 3D and 360 videos.

The 3D videos work by splitting the image into two pictures (one aimed at each lens) and they are slightly offset to give the impression of a 3rd dimension. Whereas 360 videos use the accelerometer (such as the one in your smartphone) to allow you to entirely explore each viewing direction of a video.

If you are wondering where to find videos to watch with these goggles you can find many 3D and 360 videos all over YouTube. Also you can download the Google Cardboard app (available on the Play store for Android users or App store for Apple users) which provides an entertaining selection of 360 videos.

These goggles accommodate smartphone sizes from 4 inch to 6 inch and a specially designed EVA mat is included for use with 4-5 inch models to keep them sturdy.

The top of the goggles have a single control for adjusting the pupil and focal distance. Sliding the control towards/away from you increases/decreases the focal distance and rotating the wheel adjusts the pupil distance.

I would have liked to have seen some sort of external button for simple phone interaction such as media keys. You can get around this by connecting a Bluetooth speaker which will also produce better sound quality than your encased phone.

The padding on these goggles makes for a comfortable fit against your face. However, the cut-out for the nose is not padded which is not so comfortable for big noses.

To conclude, these are some very well made VR goggles and would suit anyone interested in Virtual Reality video watching. They are provide an experience akin to the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift at a significantly cheaper price.

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