VicTsing Cardboard Virtual Reality Glasses

Neatly packed in a cardboard sleeve are the Virtual Reality glasses from VicTsing. The products slides out and with a bit of assembly you are ready to experience VR from your mobile phone.

These glasses are made from cardboard, but are very sturdy and have no peculiar scent. Obviously you would not want to get them wet, but Virtual Reality is not typically experienced in the rain.

The design is relatively simple, the flaps and elastic strap attach with Velcro and the phone is supported by rubberised suckers (similar to those used to hold a bar of soap). They hold phones with 4-5.5 inch screens, which is perfect for my Nexus 5.

Virtual Reality content can be found all over YouTube and on the Google cardboard app available on the play/app store. These videos are display splitscreen content on your mobile and with these glasses each image is sent to a different eye creating the 3D illusion.

These glasses are very comfortable and I do not look as big and idiot compared to other Virtual Reality products. (Aside from the fact I have cardboard strapped to my face).

In conclusion, yes you are buying a product made from cardboard, but they are light weight and offer an experience as good as any other Virtual Reality product. Also I found these to be a lot more comfortable than other Virtual Reality products allowing me to enjoy the mobile phone content for longer. These would make for a perfect gift for children or as an introduction product to the world of Virtual Reality.

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