VicTsing Mechanical Feel Keyboard

This gaming keyboard is back lit with 7 changeable colours which can be adjusted between: stable, breathing and off. The keys are back lit, so is the white plastic surround and the brightness is adjustable.

This keyboard has 5 programmable keys which you can use to record key strokes for short-cuts or to type short phrases.

It comes with a detachable palm rest, which makes for a very comfortable typing experience. I did not feel the need to work out how it detaches, but it is stated that this is removable. I found it tends to swing under the keyboard if it is picked up.

The build quality is very good, the design and feel gives the impression of a mechanical keyboard (which is probably why this is stated in the product name). However doesn’t be fooled into thinking this is a mechanical keyboard. It has rubber domed keys (which I actually prefer), not the clicky keys that are associated with mechanical keyboards.

The keyboard includes many shortcut keys via the function (Fn) key combined with the F keys. These included media play/pause, next/previous track, launch calculator, launch browser etc.

The layout is QWERTY English UK, so the @ sign and “ are in the correct places. Unfortunately keyboard does not have a full sized return key, which is something I cannot do without as I always hit the top of this when typing (which on this keyboard is replaced with #). Also a slight annoyance is that the Fn key replaces the left Windows key (which is my go to key for showing the desktop and opening the start menu).

In conclusion this keyboard would suit PC gamers and typists alike. Typing feels comfortable and natural, but some learning is required for the reduced return key and the lack of a left Windows key. The programmable keys are very practical and do not take long to record to. The colour lighting is a great extra and the mechanical keyboard feel gives it a high quality finish.

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