Sandberg USB 3.0 Hard Disk Clone Cable

The Sandberg USB clone cable allows you to connect an additional 2.5” drive to your computer. With the included Apricorn software you can clone your existing drives (operating system or other) to the newly connected drive. This would allow you to upgrade the hard drive of your computer to a faster and/or larger capacity hard disk while keeping all your programs and files intact.

I have produced a how-to video guide on cloning your hard drive with this product. This can be found in the tutorials section of my website (see my profile for the link). The process is straightforward and simple to do. It was found to take 5 minutes to clone an operating system running from one solid state drive to another solid state drive connected via the clone cable. It offers a boot option so you can clone drives without logging into the operating system.

This kit would be handy for computer enthusiast to have on hand on the off chance a friend or relative requires your assistance in upgrading their system. It is useful for upgrading any computer hard disk; it is an easy way to upgrade to the increasingly popular solid state drives. This seems to be the most practical way to upgrade a laptop hard disk as laptops do not offer any means to connect up a second hard disk. Finally this product would be great for making multiple cloned drives on a large scale, such as custom built computers for customers or for computers used in a school or office environment.

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