VicTsing Mini Wireless Keyboard

This mini keyboard and touchpad is very compact and easily sits inside my trouser pocket. The product I received is black in colour with blue accents on certain keys to identify a secondary function. The material is a hard plastic which is very soft to the touch and does not retain unsightly fingerprints.

The keyboard layout is the standard UK QWERTY (without the numpad) with other useful buttons squeezed in. The touchpad is located in the centre of the keyboard towards the top and is easily accessible with either thumb. On each side of the touchpad are six quick access keys and the left/ right mouse click buttons. Three led indicators are located on the front-left of the device, these are: connection, low battery and communication. Above this area are various media keys such as volume and track selection. The top of the device features an on/ off switch and usb micro port for charging.

What is in the box:
In the box is the mini keyboard and touchpad device, with a removable rear panel which holds the rechargeable battery and usb receiver. Also included is a usb to micro usb charge cable and a user manual.

Build quality:
The build quality of the device itself is very good; I can see this product lasting for several years. The quality of the usb receiver seems rather generic and cheap, it functions well enough but it could be improved by having a better range and having the VicTsing name on it.

+ Compact size
+ On/off Switch
+ USB rechargeable
+ Soft and durable material

- Receiver looks cheap
- Signal range could be improved

Overall this is a very promising product. I have tested it on my computer and it functions very well. As mentioned in the cons, the signal range is not fantastic as often keys are missed if an object is between. I have used this product with great success controlling my raspberry pi. It is a great product for when you need to occasionally type or click on something. I wouldn’t recommend typing anything at length with this device, but to quickly search for something on the internet or flip through Netflix episodes this product would be ideal.

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