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The selfie camera is about the size of a small webcam, it has a magnetic backing which is reversible to a reusable adhesive backing allowing it to be mounted in numerous locations. It can be connected to your smartphone via wifi to use as a viewfinder and to control the camera. It also comes with a selfie remote for taking photos while posing for a shot.

The camera comes in black with a white ring surrounding the lens on the front of the device.  The top of the camera has a button for taking photos which can be held for 2 seconds to take videos. The left button is for initializing a wifi connection and the right button is for turning the device on and off. A status led is on the front of the camera, which shows red during charging, white when the camera is ready and blue for wifi connection. The underside of the camera has a removable threaded disc which is opened with a coin. This reveals a slot for the micro sd card (not included) and a charging/ data port for the included micro usb to usb cable.

The selfie remote comes in white, with two large light blue buttons. It is powered by a single CR2032 battery (not included). The first button behaves the same as the capture button on the device, pressing once for taking a photo and holding to take a video. The other button is a lock for protecting media from being deleted.

What is in the box:
Included in the box is the selfie camera, a selfie remote, spare attachment panel, micro usb to usb cable, cleaning cloth, storage pouch and a user manual.

Build quality:
The build quality of the device itself is very good, however it did get hot when charging. Time will tell on how long the rechargeable battery will last for. The quality of the selfie remote is acceptable, the plastic material feels a little cheap and I was shocked that a battery was not included.

+ Takes outstanding quality photos and videos
+ USB rechargeable
+ Can control with smartphone
+ Comes with cleaning cloth and pouch

- No selfie remote battery
- No micro sd card

I think is a very good product, I can see it being useful not just as a selfie camera, but also an upgrade for your smartphone camera. The camera takes outstanding quality HD photos/ videos and can be positioned practically anywhere. I don’t understand why a battery for the selfie remote is not included, for mostly this reason alone I have dropped a star. Otherwise in all this is a top notch product and I highly recommend it.

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by VicTsing

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