VicTsing Humidifier 800ml

This cooling mist humidifier separates into two sections; the upper part is blue and contains the tank for the water. The lower part contains the night light and workings for producing the mist. The unit is powered by the included ac mains adaptor and it requires cold water to operate.

I have used this humidifier to keep the air cool and fresh in my room, especially during the night in order to combat sore throats resulting from dry air. I filled the tank with from the bold bathroom tap and placed it onto its lower section. Immediately the water pours out into the lower basin and I plugged it in and switched it on. I was amazed at what happened next, smoke-like mist constantly poured out of the top of the unit, it is quite an impressive sight. The humidifier has three modes to choose from, which are combinations of having the night light on and humidifier on. The button is a motion sensor which reacts when your finger gets within 5mm from it, which is nearly as cool as the mist. This product is very quiet, there is a slight hum from the internal fan and the occasionally drip of water.

What is in the box:
The box contains the cooling mist humidifier, ac mains adaptor, weekly maintenance brush and user manual.

Build quality:
This product is reasonably well built, it is mostly made from plastic, but this is a suitable material for a product involving water. Assuming it is kept in a suitable location and the weekly maintenance is followed, then I see the product lasting several years.

+ Motion sensor button
+ The amazing mist it produces

I have no cons for this product

Overall I am very impressed with this product; it has quite a futuristic vibe to it with the mist and the motion sensor button. It does a very good job of humidifying the room and would be great way to keep cool in the hotter months. I highly recommend this humidifier.

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by VicTsing

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