Dazzle DVD Recorder HD

The Dazzle DVD Recorder HD is a device for recording videos from video cassette recorders, digital cameras and earlier generations of games consoles to DVD. The design of the device looks like a large teardrop, which is probably representative of the memories/ moments you’d be storing with it. The device provides two methods of connecting, either via s-video or with composite cables.


On inserting the included CD into my DVD-RW drive, I was presented with onscreen instructions for registering and installing the software. Once installed I connected up my VCR with composite cables, I do not have an s-video cable, but I have a feeling that s-video is superior to composite. I was then ready to begin and I recorded some videos which featured me as a child in school plays and Daisy Dares You (Zzzap). The process was straight forward and I was pleased with the results. As another reviewer pointed out, this product does not produce HD quality video from a SD device. However this is not what I expect from media that was once SD, although the results are very good. The software provides you with the option configure your recordings to be recorded to DVD and for uploading to YouTube or Facebook. 

What is in the box:
The box contains: the dazzle DVD recorded HD, Pinnacle Studio software CD and user manual.

Build quality:
The build quality of product is very good and has a suitably long cable to connect to your pc.

+ Easy to setup
+ Upload to Social Media Sites
+ Record your old VCR videos to DVD

- Cables not included

I think this product is very good for the task it performs. I am not a fan of the design choice, but it is not something I will be using on a regular. It is fantastic to be able to record old VCR videos as it provides an easier means of rewatching them and is going to help reduce the old videos I have stored away. It would have been a nice bonus if some input cables were included so I wouldn’t have needed to hunt one out, but this is clearly stated on the product. If you are looking to convert some olds videos to DVD or share them on the internet, then I would recommend this product.

Product link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00EAS14KI
by Corel

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