Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

The Roxio Game Capture HD Pro is a capture card for HD consoles (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3). It accepts input via HDMI or component cable and allows you to reconnect to your screen via a second cable. Meanwhile the rendered frames are passed through the provided USB (type B to type A) cable to your computer. The device looks similar in design to a heatsink for a graphics card, as it has raised ribbing on the right end to imitate heatsink fins and the left end is rounded much like the surround on a heatsink is, due to an intake fan. The device can record in 1080p or 720p at 30fps and it can also take screen captures if you so desire.

I connected the Game Capture HD Pro to my Wii U, this console is not listed as a compatible console, but I had no problems getting it to work. I connected up via the HDMI sockets with my own HDMI cables. This device does not come with cables for connecting your console, so make sure you obtain a second cable for connecting your console and television. I recommend the Amazon basics HDMI cable which I have used in my setup. I plugged the USB cable into the computer prior to installing the software (despite the warning not to). Fortunately this didn’t appear to do any harm, all it did was power on the device, however my computer paid no attention to it until the software was installed.

The required software is included on the provided CD, I inserted it into my DVD-RW drive and followed the onscreen instructions to install, register and update. The software interface is easy to use, it is not overly simplified which is good as I like being able to change a few options without getting lost. I turned on my Wii U and began capturing my play-through of a few levels on Mario Maker. I still need to look into the best recording settings for me, but on watching the playback on VLC the quality was outstanding and showed no flaws.

After installing and testing the device on my computer, I decided to also install it on my laptop which has an onboard video card and an Intel Skylake processor. The installation procedure was the same as it was on my computer. I even had to fill out the registration again as it showed no login option, but using the same details immediately recognised that it was already a valid account. Again I tested recording a few levels of Mario Maker and unfortunately a glitch in the video was apparent right at the start of the video. I blame my laptop for this my processor was capped from my laptop running on battery and the rest of the video was perfect.

In the software there is a stream button for Twitch. This is not something I am interested in at the moment, but I may consider it in the future if my internet connection ever improves. It is nice to know that this software will assist in setting up streaming, as otherwise I would need to follow an online guide in order.

What is in the box:
The box contains: the game capture card, a USB transfer cable, the game capture software CD and user manual.

Build quality:
The build quality of product is very good. It is made from solid plastic and has padded feet on the underside to prevent it from scratching on a desk. When powered, the light on the top comes on and the indicator lights inform whether the HDMI or component connection is selected.

+ Easy to setup
+ Live stream to Twitch
+ Amazing quality recordings

- No on/off switch
- Additional cables not included

I think this is a really good product, the resulting image quality is perfect and it is simple to use. I noticed other reviewers had experienced glitches in recordings, this is something I experienced with my laptop, but I think this may be due to a cap as it was running on battery. I find the design of the product very appealing, but I would like to have seen an on off switch as I’d like to keep the device plugged in without it lighting up my room at night. Also it would be a nice bonus for some HDMI cables to be supplied, but I don’t think the non-inclusion should go against the product as this is clearly stated plus they are cheap to buy. I would recommend this product to anyone who is interested in streaming their console games on Twitch or wanting to submit console play-through to YouTube.

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by Corel

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