VicTsing DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

This cable connects to your display port and converts it directly into HDMI. Being these are both digital signals the picture and audio quality remains to be excellent. This cable allows you to connect a HDMI device to a display port preventing the need to upgrade to a HDMI output device. Also, if like me your HDMI output ports are full, this cables allows you to utilise your display port to connect a further HDMI device. The cable measure 6 foot in length (approximately 1.8 metres) and has gold plated connectors.

I used this cable to connect the display port of my computer to my ebode HDMI extender. The HDMI socket on my graphics card was already in use by my monitor, so this cable allowed me to connect the extender without the hassle of adding an additional HDMI port and without any loss in quality.

Overall this is a very useful cable if like me have a free display port and no free HDMI ports to connect your device. The cable is strong and sturdy with enough flex for cable management.

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