VicTsing Bluetooth Headphones

These Bluetooth earphones are very comfortable to wear and fit securely over the ear. They are black in colour with meal accents branded with the company logo on each earpiece. The connecting wire is a flexible flat wire which does not tangle easily.

The earphones are controlled by three small buttons on the right earpiece. These are for increasing the volume, decreasing the volume and a multifunction button. On the underside of this earpiece is a removable plug of rubber which exposes the micro usb charge port.

I took these Bluetooth earphones with me to the gym and used them on the running machine. They were comfortable and did not fall out or loosen in my ears. I had it synced to my Nexus 5 while watching an episode and the sound quality was perfect and sufficiently loud. I later synced these earphones to my computer via a Belkin Bluetooth adapter while playing a video game. Unfortunately the sound quality was very poor and scratchy, it lacked any depth whatsoever. This may be an issue with the Windows drivers as the earphone has the capabilities to reproduce good quality sound from my phone. It is something to be wary of if you are looking to connect these to a computer or laptop. The range of the device is very good being able to fill a whole room without obstacles or pass through two walls at short distance.

What is in the box:
In the box are the Bluetooth earphones, micro usb to usb charge lead, replacement ear covers, cloth storage pouch and user manual.

Build quality:
The build quality of the device itself is very good; I can see this product lasting for quite some time. I am skeptical of the quality of the wire between the earphones as its flat design makes it seem too thin. I assume this is to make the wire more flexible; however I would prefer a thicker cable.

+ USB Rechargeable
+ Comfortable
+ Decent sound quality
+ Tangle free connecting wire

- Poor sound with pc

In conclusion these are very good quality earphones, the sound reproduction when synced to a mobile phone is excellent. This product is ideal for use during exercise such and jogging or at the gym. The sound quality is poor when connected to a computer, but this should not be a problem if you plan on syncing it to a smartphone or tablet.

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by VicTsing