VicTsing Bluetooth Speaker PoPer

The VTin PoPer is a stereo Bluetooth speaker driven by 5 watt stereo speakers. It is a small convenient size with an artistic hexagonal shape. The outside of the speaker is solid black plastic with a soft rubber running through the middle over the buttons.

The top of the speaker has three buttons: volume down, play/ pause and volume up. The upper right of the speaker has a further three buttons: power on/ off, previous track and next track and the upper left has a slot for attaching the included wrist-strap. There is a removable flap, which provides access to an aux in port and usb micro port for charging. Lastly there is a microphone located next to the flap, which allows for you to answer calls when the speaker is connected.

The speakers stereo with a satisfying bass, I paired this device with my Nexus 5 and was more than happy with the sound quality from playing Spotify. The speaker seems durable and is deemed to be crash proof and splash proof. This makes this speaker the ideal product to take along with you to the beach or to use in the shower/ bathroom. Overall this is a good quality product, I really like the design with the hexagonal shape.