VicTsing: LED Solar Light with motion sensor

The solar light came packed in a plain white box inside which you find the solar light, 2 adhesive pads, wall-plug , screw and instruction leaflet. The solar light is professional in its appearance, curving out from the bottom with the solar panel and back in with the bright led light. On the front of the device you find the PIR motion sensor and two dusk activating light strips. The rear of the device has a single switch (moves left or right) to switch between auto and off.

It was a few days before I could install the light as its initial charge requires 36-48hours of solar. It doesn’t need one of those rare sunny England days to charge, daylight will suffice. (Please note that this is a one off charge, once installed it will do a top up charge of 4.5hours a day.) Installation was as simple as mounting a wall clock. You drill a hole, put in the wall plug, put in the provided screw, turn on the light and finally put it up. The adhesive pads were a nice addition, they were not mentioned in the manual. Although double-sided (intended for sticking to a flat wall) we left these as single-sided and stuck behind the unit so it would not rub on the brick-work and also have a snug fit on the screw.

The solar light was fitted to the chimney on the side of our house so that there was light to access the cars in the dark. The light is bright enough to reach a good 5 metre radius in front of it and the pir motion sensor works instantly. The two strip lights on the front of the device show when it has detected dusk and shows you where to walk. After motion is detected it will turn on the light for a duration of 40 seconds (unless motion is again detected). Overall this is a very good product, I like that it is energy efficient, easy to install and has not wires.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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