Coredy Wireless Extender

The Coredy CX-E120 can be configured as a WiFi range extender, access point or router. It supports AC networks with speeds up to 1200mb/s and it is backward compatible. The first thing you notice about this device is that it has four antennas. These provide it with excellent wifi coverage and allow it to support both 2.4G and 5G connections. Also they are adjustable so that they can be tuned to provide the network to specific zones.

The extender is blue on the front with the Coredy name and led indicators for the various functions, these include: WiFi strength (3 indicators), WPS mode, Ethernet in the WAN/LAN port, Ethernet in the LAN port and Power. Also on the front is an easy to access WPS button for connecting new devices to the network (provided this feature is enabled). The rest of the extender is black, with a single switch on either side. On the left side you will find the on off switch, a reset button (requires paperclip to push) and a sticker with the 2.4G and 5G MAC addresses. On the right side you will find a toggle switch for switching between router, repeater and access point mode. On the underside of the extender is silver painted plaque which has printed on it the product model, product name, gateway address and default login information. On the bottom are two Ethernet ports, both can be used for a LAN connection and the right one can also be used for providing a WAN connection for router mode.

Boxed with the extender was a quick setup guide, a user manual, Ethernet cable and a guarantee card. I used this product to replace my Belkin N300 repeater as it was not using the full potential of my AC router. Setting up the product follows the same process as other extenders, firstly you switch it the desired mode with the switch on the right. For me I selected repeater in order to extend my networks reach. Then you connect to the Coredy wifi connection (either 2.4G or 5G) and login with the default user details. Once logged in, select the wizard option and input the required network information. If using this as a repeated I would recommend connecting to a 5G connection over a 2.4G connection provided it is in range.

As expected, the range of this device is considerably better due to its antennas, I now find that the coverage distance is much larger than before. As a repeater alone this is already a great product, but with the added feature of access point and router make this an excellent product.

If you are interested in this product, it can be found on Amazon here: