Ebode Irlmk Uk Infrared Link, Mini Light

The ebode IR Link mini is an IR extension kit which allows for you to send an infrared remote signal to hidden away audio/ video units. The kit comes with an IR receiver, twin IR emitter and mains plug. The receiver can be stuck with the provided sticky pads to the underside of your television or any other location. Its cord measures a good 2.5metres to the 3.5mm jack for connecting the emitters. The emitters have two sensors which are to be stuck with the provided sticky pads to the location of the controllable audio/ video unit. Its cord measures about 1 metre in length and has connectors for the receiver, an extension receiver (not included) and power cable. The UK version of this product comes with a UK 3 pin power cable with a 1.5 metre length cable.

The cords on the receiver and emitters are designed to be as discreet as possible to keep your video/ audio setup looking nice and tidy. I stuck the receiver on the underside of my television and fed it in the cabinet underneath to meet the emitters which I stuck to the front of the DVD player and Sky box. The product was tested by firstly attempting to control the DVD player behind the cabinet with the unit switched off and again with the unit switched on. I found that this product allows me to control my video units without the need for opening the cabinet. The range of control seems to have been extended, but this may be due to the more convenient location of the receiver.

Overall this is a useful kit and it would benefit anyone who has to point the remote in odd locations to control an infra-red unit. Also this product would benefit anyone who would like to control their audio/ video units while they are tucked out of the way.

Product link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GJVZPK4
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