Ebode: HDMI Ethernet Extender Kit

The ebode HDMI extender allows you to extend your HDMI signal along with IR signal over network cable (cat 5e or cat6 recommended). Due to the way the wires are paired inside a network cable, it allows for signals to be carried much further than standard cables. For HDMI the maximum cable distance is 15 metres before any signal loss occurs. With this product you can extended 1080p video up to 60 metres or 4k video over 50 metres. This makes it perfect for using an A/V device (such as a sky media box) on a television in another room in the house. Not only will this kit transfer high quality HDMI audio and video, but it comes with infrared receivers and emitters so that you can control your device in the other room also.

This kit comes with a HDMI transmitter, HDMI receiver, 2 x mains lead with swappable UK pin 3, European two pin and US 2 pin adapters, 2x IR emitters, 2 x IR receivers, mounting Velcro and a user manual. To use this kit you also require a networking cable of a suitable length for sending the signal between devices. I used a 20metre flat cat5e cable coupled to a 15metre cat5e cable. Please note that if you use existing networking, this device will not work through a router or similar networking device. I had the transmitter connected to the display port of my computers graphics card with a DP to HDMI cable and the receiver was connected to a Samsung 65” curved television. It took very little time to setup and the television was immediately detected and set as a secondary device to my pc.

The product worked perfectly, it was as if I had connected my computer directly to the television. I was not able to test out the IR receivers and emitters, but having reviewed the ebode irlmk infrared mini light, I expect them to function just as perfectly. The receiver and transmitter are both in matt black, with a metal surround and measure 93mm x 69mm x 23mm. Four screw holes are provided on the base which allow for the device to be fixed on a wall. Overall this is a very high quality product and produces high quality audio and video.

Product link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01CY8XZGQ
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