Ebode Wave 40

The ebode WAVE40 enables you to listen to music via Bluetooth directly through your speakers. The unit is made from a durable plastic which is matt black (to prevent fingerprints) and measures 77mm x 77mm x 30mm. This device includes: a rca to rca (phono) cable, a rca to 3.5mm audio jack cable, an audio fibre optic cable, a mains lead (with European and UK 3pin swappable pins) and a manual.

The top of the unit has the ebode company sticker and an NFC marking. This is where you can place an NFC enabled smartphone to quick set up the Bluetooth connection to the device. Once a first pair has occurred, placing your smartphone on the unit will initialise the auto pairing. There is a blue power led on the front of the unit, it remains solid when it is connected and flashes otherwise. The input connections are located on the back of the unit. The analog, digital and power sections are each separated with a straight white line. The connections are rca left/right phono, coax, optical and power. The underside of the unit has a single switch for changing between analog and optical.

I have used this product to play spotify music from my smartphone through my studio monitor speakers. I think the clairity of the sound is perfect, I find it amazing that such good sound quality is essentially coming from a smartphone. I really like the NFC quick setup feature, as it enables the Bluetooth and makes the connection for me. This product is a vast improvement the cheap Bluetooth speakers I have several of. This is clearly a premium product and it would be perfect for smartphone music listeners, especially as it lets you use your own speakers.

 photo 5stars_zpsxun8ejd5.png