Ebode FM Transmitter

The ebode FM transmitter allows you to listen to music from usb, sd card or audio cable through your car radio. The transmitter comes in a blister pack with a remote control, audio lead, fuse wire and user manual.

Installation is easy enough, firstly put your songs on the desired media. I opted to test with a standard 1GB usb flash drive, but you can use an sd card or plug in your smartphone. The transmitter plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and displays a radio frequency. I adjusted mine to FM 90Hz as the default 80Hz was occupied and tuned my speaker radio to the same frequency. The music played through the radio as if it were any other station and sounded great too. One benefit of broadcasting your own radio signal is that it will not cut off in a tunnel as the reception shall always be excellent.

I see this product being useful for upgrading car audio system to usb, sd card and audio cable input. This is a much cheaper and simpler solution to replacing your car radio to support the great features this product provides. Also playing music via digital means has the added benefit of being crystal clear, without scratching your music CD when driving on bumpy road.

Product link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00YPV289G
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