Inatech: Ultra Slim 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub

This usb hub is remarkably small measuring 60mm L x 40mm W x 9mm D with a 115mm cord to the male usb. The casing houses four usb ports, with three on the longer side and one on the end opposite the cable. The hub comes in matt black which means it should remain fingerprint free. It has the inateck name on the front with many compliancy logos and the serial number on the rear. Overall this hub has a slim, sleek design and could easily be taken on business trips etc. It is also made from aluminium, which shows that this product is built to last.

I tested this hub on my desktop computer by plugging in four flash usb storage devices of various sizes. There was no need of additional driver installation as my computer recognised the hub instantly. All usb devices were detected and I was able to transfer files to and from them with no issue. I should note that the ports on this hub are usb 3.0, with means using this device with usb 3.0 compatible devices should pose no issue with regard to transfer speed. Unfortunately I do not have any such devices to test with.

This hub was also tested on my Dell xps 13 laptop; with only 2 usb ports it is a place where a hub will see the most benefit. This time I connected my apple ipod, usb flash memory stick, usb Bluetooth and usb wifi dongle. Again the hub connected without need for drivers and each device was shown as connected. Please see my photos for a screen capture showing these connected devices.
Overall I think this is a fantastic hub, it is very handy for when you are low on usb ports. It supports usb 3.0 devices and it looks great too.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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