VicTsing: 2 x Gold Plated HDMI to VGA adapters

I misread the item description and was surprised to find that you receive two of these handy little products. I had already decided to use one to connect my graphics card to my old VGA monitor. Installation was simple as plugging the adaptor in and connecting the VGA cable from my monitor to it. The display instantly showed on my monitor. For the second adaptor I thought I would try connecting my Wii U to my old monitor (as the description only notes that Blu-ray PS3 and PS4 do not work). I plugged the adaptor in to the back of my console and connected the VGA cable and switched them on, only to be disheartened that it was not working. However I forgot that my old monitor does not support high resolutions (I think there might be an option to change it in the Wii U menu). So I moved the cable to my HDMI monitor (which supports a VGA connection) and it worked perfectly without any need for adjusting the image.

The adaptor is quite small and would be handy for travelling (especially as a second identical adaptor is included). It measures 42x14x22mm and seems built to last for a long time.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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