VicTsing: 3 in 1 Display Port to HDMI/DVI/VGA convertor

This 3 in 1 adaptor connects to the display port of your graphics card and outputs the signal to either HDMI DVI or VGA. The output connections are house in a gloss black box measuring 65x65x12mm and the cord length to the display connector is 12cm. The display connector has a push grip which releases the locking pins for removal (illustrated in the attached photos). Both the VGA and DVI connections have screw holes for the cables which is always nice to see on such a device.

I tested this unit by connecting all three output connections to my monitor and the display port connector to my computer tower. First thing to note that simultaneous connections will not work, however there does seem to be a priority of which connection is displayed. It follows the order HDMI->DVI->VGA, thereby always using the better connector.

I see this device being handy for travelling to presentations as you cannot guarantee the type of connection the projector will have. This device is not intended for multiple display (although if you have display port connector on your graphics card I would assume you'd have a secondary connector). Overall it is a very nice product, it does exactly what is stated on the product page.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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