Zelotes: T-90 Gaming Mouse

The Zelotes T-90 gaming mouse from VicTsing has everything I ask for in a gaming mouse. The overall design is nice and wide which makes it comfortable to hold and grip, which is what you want for long gaming sessions.

The top of the mouse has the usual left and right mouse buttons which have a lovely tactile feel with a pleasing click. The centre scroll wheel button has a unique cog-like design (with built in lights) and scrolls without that grinding noise I so often hear from a mouse scroll wheel. A red button is located in the top left beside the left mouse button labelled with “fire”. This button functions as a double-click button which is handy in games where you are shooting at enemies. The button in the centre of the mouse is used for adjusting the sensitivity, which is useful for adjusting the sensitivity on the fly. There are four levels of sensitivity and these are indicated by the four LEDs beside it (from 1000-9200dpi).

On the left of the mouse is a thumb rest, which helps to prevent thumb drag when you need that precise movement. Also on the left are three buttons, forward, back and light change. With the light change button you can change the colour of lights on the mouse to fit the theme of your gaming setup. The colours are: red, light blue, green, yellow-green, pink-purple and dark blue (I think there are many more but I lost count). All colours breathing (dim and brighten) or they can be turned off by holding down the light change button.

On the underside of the mouse is the laser sensor adjustable to up to 9200dpi for extreme precision and the weight chamber. The chamber holds eight counter-weights in foam surround, which can be removed to adjust the weight of the mouse.
This is a corded mouse with has a 1.8metre cable (assuming my measuring is correct) which is braided in red and black with a usb connector. I received this product for free in exchange for partial testing and an unbiased review. Overall I think this is a really good mouse, I am unsure what the retail price is so I cannot say if it is good value for money, but I am happy to give it five stars.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:
(note: not currently in stock at this time).

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