eSynic: Magic-cube bluetooth speaker

The magic cube Bluetooth speaker from eSynic is a black cube measuring 70mm H x 70mm L x70mm D with splits designed into the sides. When turned on the LEDs show through the splits to give the impression that something powerful is contained inside. That something powerful is the speaker, which in a Transformers voice greets you with “This is your iPhone 4 Bluetooth speaker... I am now in cannot resist my command”. This greeting shows off how good the speaker is with some deep booming bass and clear sound.

This speaker is rechargeable via micro usb which is a nice feature as this connection is very common around my home. When switched on I connected my Nexus 5 phone and played some tunes from Spotify. They sounded really good, but due to it being a single unit it was hard to tell that it was in stereo. I placed the speaker on the desk to try out the buttons. It has three buttons in all (and a switch for on/off), these act as footpads and by pressing on the top corner of the speaker activates the button. The buttons are play/pause, previous track/ volume up, next track/ volume down. What I really like is the non-inclusion of a call button as on past speakers I end up calling people instead of pause the song.

In addition Bluetooth playback you can also use the included audio cable to directly connect other devices such as mp3 players or laptops. There is also a Tflash slot (transflash) which you can connect your micro SD card too and play songs directly from the media.

If you receive a call while the speaker is connected and playing a song it pauses and plays a ringing tone followed by a female voice saying the ringing number. I received this product for free in exchange for partial testing and an unbiased review. That said this product far exceeded my expectations and I am happy to give it 5 stars.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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