eSynic: wireless-AC USB adapter

The eSynic wifi usb adapter is a glossy black device measuring 68mm L x 9mm D x 23mm W. On one end is a removable cap containing the usb and the other end a blue status led. The side of the device has a wps button which is useful if your network has this feature enabled (for adding new devices to a network).

I tested this device in my laptop, once plugged in it measured 54mm L extedning from the usb port. With windows 10 the drivers for this device were not required and I was quickly able to connect to my router. However an installation disc is included along with an instruction guide to help you get set up if you require drivers.

I see this as a good product for enabling wifi on laptops that do not have it (or if it has become faulty). Also it would be useful to buy this product if you want to maximise the ability of an AC wireless router (which is roughly 2.5x faster than wireless N). Overall I think this product deserves 5 stars.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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