Sandberg Thunderstorm Keyboard UK

I took this keyboard with me to our gaming society network event and I received many compliments on how awesome this keyboard looks. The keyboard is black with an opaque thunderstorm effect spread over the keys; the backlight shines through each lightning bolt and creating a cool visual effect.

The keyboard has four light states: red, blue, purple and off. My favourite is the blue, but the red and purple are just as good. I like to think of the red lighting as cracks where lava is seeping through. The blue is your standard lighting storm effect and the purple is like an electric lightning storm.

This is a gaming keyboard, there is nice travel on each of the keys and they feel very well made with the square cut of them. It would be nice to see a mechanical variant of this keyboard as that seems to be the in thing with gaming keyboards these days. However I personally prefer the soft touch of membrane dome keys.

Being a gaming keyboard it has the essential disable start button combination to prevent you from accidentally tabbing out of games. It is the UK qwerty standard with a decently sized return key. I cannot get on with those half-sized return keys as I naturally hit the top part of this key. There are many shortcut keys along the top for controlling your system volume and media player, email and browser applications.

There is also a rapid fire feature that decreases the delay speeds between key presses, allowing you to simply hold down a key as opposed to spamming the key. I am using this feature now to swiftly make corrections to this review.

The keyboard has a nice weighty feel to it weighing 1.1kg, so it can take a beating from overly enthusiastic gamers and this also stops it from slipping over your desk. This keyboard is backed by a 5 year warranty, which shows that Sandberg has faith in this product. Lastly, it has a nice looking navy blue nylon-braided USB which is 1.8m in length.

I am more than happy with this keyboard, it would suit any gamer who wants a weighty keyboard with cool effects and membrane dome keys. I am awarding this product 5 stars, however there are a few improvements that could be made: There needs to be a mechanical variant with blue key switches, the space bar is a little mushy (it seems this is common with membrane dome keys) and it would be nice if the status lights for the num key, caps lock etc also changed colour (they are blue).

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