VicTsing 4K Sports Action Camera

This little Go Pro clone is perfect for capturing action based footage. With an ultra HD Sony sensor it can capture outstanding 4K videos and 20 megapixel photos. Its rugged housing and abundant attachments mean you can shoot from practically anywhere even underwater!

For the price this sports camera is certainly great value for money and it comes with everything you could possibly need. It is also beautifully small, perfect for popping into your pocket. Its minimalistic design has 4 easy accessible buttons, which makes it very easy to operate.

A warm voice prompt is played to confirm actions such as start/stop recording and also to inform the user if there is allow power or lack of storage. This is very useful when the camera is mounted in a hard to check locations e.g. strapped to your head.

With the waterproof enclosure there is no way the sports camera will get wet. I tested this by filming an “accidental” drop of the camera into a hot tub; which made for very interesting footage with the camera sinking slowly to the bottom and the bubbles coming out of the jets.

An anti-shake function is built into the camera which helps to reduce the vibration caused by hand movement in order to take outstanding photos. The camera requires a micro SD card for storage which must be class 10 or above (often written on the card) and should be at least 8GB in capacity and at most 64GB.

If this is not enough to impress you, it supports complete wireless control with your smart-phone via the free to download app Final Cam. Now you can position the sports camera in the ideal location while using your phone as the viewfinder and to start/ stop recording (great for locating your dog when he decides to run off with the camera strapped to him).

The two downsides I found were that audio playback is very tinny, even when the camera is not in its enclosure. Also with a full charge (around 1hour 45min from flat) the battery life is less than the stated 90 minutes, averaging a little over an hour per battery.

What you get is: Sports Camera in its Enclosure with the Dust-proof Door, Waterproof Door, Rear Clamp, 2x Rechargeable Batteries, 2x 3M Adhesive Tapes, Bike Mount, Base II, Adapter, 4x Ribbons, 3x Switch Support, Fixed Base, 2x Bandage, Wire Rope, Data Wire, Cleaning Cloth and User Manual.

Altogether I think this sports camera is excellent for anyone who wants to record action-based shots. This package is great value for money being significantly cheaper than the equivalent Go Pro branded products. The footage it produces is excellent in most lighting conditions and would be ideal for users who are looking for 4K video capture at an attractive price.

by VicTsing
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