VicTsing Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The gaming keyboard has blue key switches and each key is individually lit with one of six colours. The layout is standard QWERTY but it is the US style which switches the quotation and at symbols. The keys can be configured to light up to your own taste, following one of the 9 possible lighting sequences with adjustable brightness and speed.

I have used this keyboard for a while and I am actually using it to type up this review. Each key has an audible click with a satisfying tactile feel, if you are a heavy typist the “click” becomes more of a “clack”. The keyboard connects via a USB 2.0 cable measuring 2 metres in length. For a gaming keyboard it is very enjoyable to type with, however I wish the “return” key was larger as I occasionally press the key located above it.

What is in the box:
The keyboard comes with user manual and a key removal tool.

Build quality:
The build quality of the device itself is very good. The keys are plastic but the base is solid metal which gives it a lot of weight and strength.

+ Solid metal design
+ Satisfying to type on

- Follows the US key layout
-The return key is not big enough
- No configurable macro keys


This keyboard is very nice to type, but due to its US layout and the size of the enter key I feel it would be better suited for gaming. Some of the light up modes supports this, as you can set it to light up just the WASD keys etc. I like the solid weighty metal base, gaming peripherals take a lot of abuse and this needs to be durable for years of gaming. I recommend this keyboard if you need a gaming keyboard which is solid with mechanical keys and has the added bonus of lighting up.

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by VicTsing

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