VicTsing Wireless HDMI Dongle

This adapter connects to your HDMI port on your television, monitor or projector and enables you to cast the display and audio from your smartphone to the display. It is externally powered via USB with the included micro USB to USB cable, which could be difficult to power for a monitor, but most TVs and projectors will have a USB available.

I connected this adaptor to my monitor and had to run a USB extension cable to power the device. The screen displayed instructions for connecting your casting device, be it iPhone, Mac, Samsung or other android variation. I used my Nexus 5 and before reading the instructions I had connect my phone wifi to the adaptor. Thinking this product is useless for broadcasting YouTube videos, I followed the on screen instructions and actually found I can cast to the device while staying connected to my network. My smartphone was being displayed on my monitor and I opened up YouTube to test out some videos. My monitor has built in speakers and I can confirm that the audio is also cast through this device. The picture quality was very good and I experience no issues with regard to lag, glitching, etc.

What is in the box:
Included in the box is the wireless to HDMI display adapter, an HDMI extension lead (15cm), micro USB to USB power cable (80cm) and user guide.

Build quality:
The build quality is okay, it feels a little cheap as it is made of plastic which flexes under pressure.

+ Streams phone to TV
+ Good quality picture
+ Build in instructions for connecting

- Cheap plastic feel
- Requires power from USB

This product is okay for its intended use, it works very well and casting to the screen is very simple. I dislike having to connect external power via USB, especially as I was using the product on my monitor. Also the plastic material on the products feels like cheap plastic. This product would be useful to enable casting on a TV which does not support it natively, but ensure you have a USB port located nearby.

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by VicTsing

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