D-Line: Cable Tidy Unit (Large Black)

The cable tidy box arrived well packed in a cardboard box and was wrapped securely in bubble wrap. The outside of the box comes sealed with a card sleeve with pictured examples of where the product could be used. A to scale photo of a 6 socket extension lead is shown on the top to demonstrate how it fits in. The measurements given on the sleeve are: 415mm Wx 165mm D x 135mm H.

The box is a matt black colour, which is fantastic as fingerprints will not show and it is not overly reflective. Also it keeps to the black theme of many computer related electronics. The top of the box is a removable lid, which is held in place by 4 clips. It features the company name and it is perforated on each side to allow heat from those plugs with a build in transformers to dissipate. The rear of the box has three cut-outs for cables to pass through. The two smaller cut-outs are on either end measuring 25mm W x 94mm H with rounded ends. This is more than sufficient to pass several large cables through. The larger cut-out is located in the middle measuring 98mm W with a 21mm-40mm H (due to its curve).

The lid is removed simply by lifting it up and the inside comfortably holds a 6 socket extension cable with surge protector. It can take plugs which orientate with the lead coming out from the bottom or top (see the white plug in my photos for an example). All plugs fitted nicely with plenty of space to hide away the extra cable length. Once filled and in place the box removed the unsightly cable clutter and now it looks so much smarter. The company provides additional instructions in the form of how to videos on their website.

This product is great for anyone who cannot put up with unsightly cable clutter and also for pet owners (my cockatiel chewed up my Wii U charge cable pretty badly). This product also keeps your plugs dust free and provides added protection in case of spillages. I am happy to give this box 5 stars and would consider future products from D-Line.

If you are interested in buying this product, you can find it on Amazon here:

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