Pinnacle Studio 20 Ultimate (PC)

Corel Pinnacle Studio 20 is easy to use professional video editing software. It is ideal for compiling your own movies or dvds with transitions, voiceovers and menus.

I have used this software to publish review videos on YouTube. The software is very intuitive with the storyboard at the bottom, the preview pane at the top left and transitions/ videos to import are on the top left. The main benefit for me is that it is compatible with my Logitech C920 webcam and Audio Technica AT2020+ microphone. It includes video recording software to create the clips (with audio) required to form the overall video.

The transition styles look very professional and it is not too difficult to use them (simply drag and drop its length). Also it has a picture in picture feature allowing multiple videos to be played at the same time. The storyboard is where the video comes together. It is here where the clips can be arranged, transitions can be applied and voice over recordings can be made. Several tracks are provided which run over each other so that multiple audio tracks/ video tracks can be played over others. Also so that you can dedicate a track for each media type (eg track 1 for video, 2 for audio, 3 for transitions).

This software is ideal for any amateur or professional video maker. It can be used to create high quality professional video content such as adverts or used for making amateur content for YouTube videos or for putting together home videos.

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