VicTsing LED Desk Lamp

The led desk lamp is black with a glossy hard plastic base and head which are connected by a flexible neck with a soft silicon exterior. The lamp is mains powered by an ac adapter with a lead measuring 1.5 metres. The lamps overall weight is significantly lighter than non led desk lamps and it supports 3 brightness settings.

I have this lamp on my desk to provide suitable lighting when I am working on my laptop in the evenings. The light is sufficiently bright and the touch sensor button is very cool. When moving the lamp it rubs on the desk as the padding is only thick enough for a stationary position.

What is in the box:
In the box is the desk lamp, ac adapter, user manual and a light blue cleaning cloth.

Build quality:
The build quality of the desk lamp is very good, however due to the weight of the head it is not a very stable structure in long reaching positions. The quality of the ac adapter is also very good; however I’d have liked to see some sort of brand etched on the blank panel.

+ Flexible positioning
+ Touch sensor control
+ 3 brightness modes

- Base padding could be thicker
- Likely to topple when altered


Overall I am very pleased with this desk lamp. It is sufficiently bright and energy efficient too. I like that it has adjustable brightness modes and that you can flex the light to any position. Also I find the touch sensor light to be very cool and futuristic. The main downside is only apparently when shifting the light around your desk and just teaches me to pick the unit up first. I highly recommend this product; it is a great addition for any office desk.

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