D-Line: Cable and Plug ID Kit

The DLine cable and plug I.D. kit is a simple, but effective product. It is very useful in places whereby a mass of cables are connected. This product comes in two parts coloured stickers and labelled stickers.

The coloured stickers I would recommend for any desktop users who regularly unplug and replug devices into their tower. The colours can be used to match each cable to their connector and can aid in cable orientation for those pesky usb connectors.

The labelled stickers and designed for use on electrical outlets or plugs. They help identify what device each plug or socket is connected to. This is helpful for finding the correct socket to switch off or unplug without the need for tracing back the cable to its device. Half of these labels are printed with common household electronics “Tumble dryer”, “Laptop” and “DVD” to name a few (see image for all the printed labels). The other half are left blank so that you may provide additional label names.

I can see this product being as useful to others as it has been useful to me.

I have used these to colour code the cables for my computer and also label the plugs in the garage for the fridges, freezer and tumble dryer. Overall I think it is a simple but effective product, I rate it 4 stars.

If you are interested in buying this product, it can be found on Amazon here:

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